What We Are Doing?


BSB Legal represents and provides comprehensive consultancy services to corporations in internal and external investigations, fraud and corruption cases. Our experienced team of lawyers with required specialization in this field conduct due diligence, assist with risk management, draft policies and procedures, train personnel and identify company-specific risks by way of document reviews, interviewing employees and witnesses on the basis of assessing the regulatory environment. 

BSB Legal Attorney Partnership provides its clients with comprehensive consultancy services at every stage on anti-dumping investigations, protection investigations, subsidies and compensatory investigations, anti-dumping measures and taxes, and other measures taken against unfair practices in international trade. Our office provides legal consultancy and representation services to domestic and foreign manufacturers, importers, and exporters on the technical and legal aspects of protection legislation.

BSB Legal advises its publicly listed clients in order to ensure their compliance with capital markets legislation. We mainly provide legal advice on dividend distributions, public disclosures on significant transactions and capital or control changes, preparation of annual financial statements and their disclosure, mandatory share purchase offers, the scope of related party transactions and performance of significant transactions.

As BSB Legal, we strive to contribute to the success of our clients as their legal counsels by producing effective solutions not only at the point of dispute resolution but also at the point of elimination of potential legal risks that may later cause disputes. In this context, we work intensively with our team in order to ensure that our clients continue their activities in full compliance with the legislation they are bound to on a general and sectoral level and to prevent legal problems they may encounter within the scope of potential administrative investigations. We try to explain Turkish compliance legislation as clear, brief and concise as possible for our international clients since sometimes the Turkish legislation lacks in clarity and details. We also focus on the applicability of such compliance principles since the administrative authorities may develop unique procedures. 

Consumer law covers a wide range of legal transactions such as; consumer bank loans, car rentals, online shopping and hospitality services. In our daily life, we become a party to a consumer relationship very frequently. As BSB Legal, we provide legal services related to consumer law both to consumers and companies which provide services or sell goods to consumers.

We guide consumers if there are defects in goods purchased or services procured on best ways to cure such defects and file complaints or initiate legal proceedings and companies if they are willing to defend against such claims or complaints. Our services are aimed to ensure that our clients’ consumer-law related rights are well defended.

BSB Legal offers retainer-based services to its clients. Companies with a capital above TRY 250,000 are required to either employ an attorney or have a service agreement with an independent attorney. Within this scope, our firm provides its clients retainer-based services which mainly consist of (i) preparation of employment and confidentiality agreements, (ii) preparation and revision of all types of agreements, (iii) completion of general assembly and board of directors’ meetings and (iv) performing compliance procedures such as personal data protection. We ensure that our clients’ every need is taken care of.

Our firm is also capable of providing legal advice on all M&A transactions. M&A transactions mainly consist of three parts which are: (I) preparing a legal due diligence report, (ii) preparing transaction documents such as a share purchase agreement and shareholders’ agreement, and (iii) performing completion procedures which generally include administrative consents, board of directors’ and/or general assembly resolutions and administrative registrations.

The word ‘data’ has become one of the most frequently used words in recent years in a similar fashion with the concept of ‘data’. With the use of internet, data is transferred at an unprecedented speed and companies are at a race to capture all relevant data. Data’s appeal also caught the regulators’ attention.

Turkey was a bit late to catch this trend, but she adjusted to it quite quickly. Now, Turkey has (i) a very active authority (The Turkish Data Protection Authority) which prepares personal data legislation and issues decisions and (ii) an ever-expanding data protection legislation.

Companies in Turkey have initiated their compliance projects to avoid any risks arising from data protection liabilities. To achieve this goal, companies must adjust their working principles in line with the legislation. This process entails revision of contracts, drafting of company’s information notes, consent letters and data protection policies (such as data retention policy and data destruction policy). We also recommend our clients to organize trainings for their employees since otherwise it would be impossible to track all employees’ actions concerning handling of personal data.

Data controllers which process data based in Turkey according to their own standards must register to the Turkish Data Controllers’ Registry (‘VERBIS’) based on the following standards:

  • Individuals and legal entities with either (i) 50 employees on average for the past year or (ii) a yearly annual balance consisting of income and expenditure above TL 25 Million must register to VERBIS until 30 September 2020;
  • Individuals and legal entities which fall outside of the group above but the main field of activity of which is the processing of personal data of special nature (personal data relating to the race, ethnic origin, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion, sect or other belief, clothing, membership to associations, foundations or trade-unions, health, sexual life, convictions and security measures, and the biometric and genetic data) must register to VERBIS until 31 March 2021; and
  • Public authorities and institutions must register to VERBIS until 31 March 2021.

We, as BSB Legal are capable to perform data protection compliance projects for companies and aid our clients to also register to VERBIS.

For any questions regarding data protection in Turkey please do not hesitate to contact us.

As BSB Legal, we provide our clients with comprehensive legal consultancy services on energy, natural resources, and infrastructure transactions. Our office takes an active role in all kinds of processes, including energy production and trade, mining and infrastructure acquisitions and disposal of energy assets, license-permit, and license applications for our clients operating in the field of renewable and sustainable energy resources. We represent our clients before administrative authorities in licensed marketing activities within the scope of energy market legislation and regulations, license terms and compliance with regulations, and in litigation processes regarding their decisions.

BSB Legal provides legal services to its clients for the collection of receivables arising from all kinds of commercial and individual debt-receivable relationships. Our services comprise management of execution proceedings in enforcement and bankruptcy offices, determination of debtors’ assets, foreclosure procedures, bankruptcy postponement, and concordatum processes and negotiations between the debtor or creditor clients and the counterparty and we provide legal consultancy services to our clients on issues related to the settlement of disputes arising from bank loan agreements and debt restructuring.

This sector is abbreviated as ‘TMT’ and the rules applicable to it change constantly and rapidly. This requires an up-to-date and rapid legal service.

We provide legal consultancy to TMT sector players on Turkish law. This consultancy is directed at service and infrastructure providers in telecommunication. 

Concerning media, our services focus on marketing and promotional activities and their adherence to advertisement legislation.

For technology companies, on the other hand we mainly prepare privacy policies, terms & conditions and user agreements.

This sector is abbreviated as ‘TMT’ and the rules applicable to it change constantly and rapidly. This requires an up-to-date and rapid legal service.

We provide legal consultancy to TMT sector players on Turkish law. This consultancy is directed at service and infrastructure providers in telecommunication. 

Concerning media, our services focus on marketing and promotional activities and their adherence to advertisement legislation.

For technology companies, on the other hand we mainly prepare privacy policies, terms & conditions and user agreements.

BSB Legal provides legal consultancy to its foreign clients on all kinds of legal problems they can face regarding their accommodation and/or immigration process in Turkey. In this context, we perform all tasks relating to residence permit, working permit, and citizenship applications (i.e. making the initial applications, extension applications and following up their all applications). We also provide consultancy services to foreign citizens on issues like family law (i.e. marriage, divorce, custody) and inheritance law. We also assist our clients on establishing new companies in Turkey and follow the necessary actions for this process. BSB Legal also aids its clients on real estate matters. In this context, we can sell/buy properties on behalf of our clients and rent them. We prepare the related agreements and title deed transactions. 

BSB LEGAL also provides all kinds of legal consultancy and assistance services to Turkish citizens on Immigration and Citizenship Law. In this context, we provide services for our Turkish citizen clients, in the direction of their own preferences, in the application of obtaining and extending work and residence permits in EU countries, the United Kingdom and/or the United States. After the necessary conditions are met, we provide services for the application to citizenship or permanent residency. We also help to solve the problems that may arise with immigration authorities in such countries.

We are living in the age of information and technology.  This leads to a plethora of opportunities but also as many risks. In order to tackle these risks; tech companies, online retailers, mobile app developers etc. may require legal advice. As attorneys, we provide our clients with such services including but not limited to:

E-commerce related services:

  1. Completion of legal compliance procedures and application for administrative requirements;
  2. Preparation of bulletproof distance sales agreements and transportation service agreements;
  3. Completion of personal data protection related legal projects, providing training to employees in this regard and registration to VERBIS (the data controllers’ registry);

General website related services:

  1. Registration and protection of rights attached to a website;
  2. Purchase of websites and creating an attachment on website-related rights such as a lien;
  3. Carrying out legal procedures against online right violations;
  4. Carrying out depublication procedures for online intellectual property right violations and carrying out related compensation procedures; and
  5. Preparation of necessary legal texts for a website to include all necessary legal content within the scope of personal data protection and website regulations. 

Software and mobile application related services:

  1. Preparation of agreements for the purchase of software and mobile applications;
  2. Preparation of confidentiality agreements to be executed with employees;
  3. Management of legal relationships with online mobile application marketplaces such as Google Play Store, App Store and Huawei App Gallery, depublication of mobile applications which violate the rights of our clients and carrying out related compensation procedures; and
  4. Completion of personal data protection compliance.

Social media application related services:

  1. Purchase of social media accounts; and

Preparation of agreements to be executed with social media phenomena including Instagrammers, Twitch streamers, Youtubers etc. and carrying out the procedures related to sponsorship and agency relationships within the scope of marketing and PR projects.

Our Intellectual Property Team provides a full range of legal services in copyrights, trademarks, domain names, patents, industrial designs, trade secrets, confidentiality and passing off. We assist our clients with both contentious and non-contentious aspects of intellectual property matters. Our services in the field of IP law are not limited to consultancy services, but also include the follow-up of industrial rights before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and representation services for our clients at all stages of litigation and disputes. By considering IP rights management as a strategic issue, we are not only protecting our clients’ intellectual property rights but also supporting our clients in strategic management of intellectual property.

BSB Legal provides consultancy services to its domestic and foreign clients, mostly as a representative of the employer, in the field of labor law, ensuring compliance with company workplace regulations and labor law legislation, and performing comprehensive process management to prevent disputes between the employee and the employer. BSB Legal provides services to its clients in line with its sectoral experience in matters such as establishing/modifying workplace policies, reviewing/modifying employment contracts, conducting risk assessments for termination of mutual rescission contracts and employment contracts, taking necessary precautions regarding loyalty, confidentiality, and non-competition obligations of employees, providing necessary training to company employees following the relevant legislation, litigation, and mediation processes, dispute resolution, management of foreign employees’ processes such as residence, work permits and special visas, management of processes related to occupational health/safety and social security rights.

BSB Legal provides its clients with comprehensive consultancy services in the life sciences sector on pharmaceutical law, medical device law, cosmetic law, food supplements, and all other health product and product groups. Our office provides services to national and international companies within the scope of life sciences, legal services, licensing / permit, price and reimbursement, clinical studies, promotional activities, and ethical rules in communication with healthcare professionals at every stage of health products. In line with our experience in the health sector and our knowledge of labor law, competition law, and anti-corruption, we provide consultancy and compliance audit services to our clients in accordance with the FCPA, UKBA, Turkish regulatory legislation and other regulatory rules. 

BSB LEGAL – Litigation and Dispute Resolution

BSB Legal is capable of providing legal services with regard to the development and implementation of investment projects (e.g. projects re. power, oil and gas, mining, infrastructure, healthcare, telecommunication, airport construction, ports, motorways, bridges, railways and shopping mall projects). Our services concern lenders, sponsors, project companies, institutional investors, contractors and operators of a project. BSB Legal assists its clients navigating the complexities phase by phase which include evaluation and due diligence, drafting, reviewing, negotiating the security documents, project documents and financing agreements as well as overseeing loan agreement implementation processes.

BSB Legal provides legal services to its domestic and foreign clients in the fields of real estate purchase and sale, real estate leasing, establishing real rights for the real estate in Turkey and abroad. Our office provides legal consultancy services in terms of determination of legal status and preparation of reports in contract processes such as construction projects, build-operate-transfer, financial leasing, real estate financing, conducting negotiations, and concluding the processes under contract. Our office takes an active role in resolving all kinds of disputes arising from real estate, making relevant correspondence and follow-up.

BSB Legal provides consultancy services for the legal relations that may occur between athletes, coaches, athlete managers, sports clubs, associations, foundations, federations, and confederations engaged in sports activities, and to resolve any disputes that may arise between the parties. Our office provides legal consultancy services with its sectoral experience of process management regarding the incorporation of sports clubs, arrangement and conclusion of the all kinds of contracts such as an athlete, manager, and sponsorship arising from the sports activities, litigation, implementations of necessary procedures, and follow-up of the disputes in the Turkish Football Federation, CAS, and FIFA, providing consultancy services to comply with the legislation and practices governed by national and international sports authorities, providing consultancy regarding the internal operations of all kinds of institutions and organizations engaged in sports activities, preparation of board and general assembly resolutions, resolution of disputes arising from tax legislation.

Our Competition Law team has experience in making notifications regarding mergers and acquisitions, representing our clients within the scope of investigations regarding cartel, abuse of dominant position and/or any possible violations of competition law and generally providing consultancy services in all areas of competition law. 

Our team represents our clients within the scope of preliminary investigations, investigations, and on-site investigations, transactions such as merger and acquisition notifications and negative clearance/exemption applications as well as agreements limiting competition and abuse of dominant position. Our team also provides consultancy services to our clients in competition law compliance projects (e.g. competition law training) and all areas of competition law. In this way, our team minimizes or prevents the costly and destructive consequences our clients may suffer due to any competition infringement.

We provide legal services in Turkish, German and English.