Who Are We?


As BSB LEGAL Attorney Partnership (“BSB LEGAL”) we provide our clients consisting of domestic and international commercial enterprises, financial institutions and individuals legal services in a variety of legal disciplines. Our expertise covers both civil law and public law throughout Turkey. On top of our consultancy services in the fields of commercial law, competition law, IT law, personal data protection, life sciences etc. we also act on behalf of our clients in their disputes both at the stage of Alternative Dispute Resolution and at all stages of proceedings in case the dispute goes before a court.

Thanks to our international affinities and language capabilities, we are able to offer our clients legal services in German and English. All three of our founding partners are fully proficient in English and have worked in some of the most prestigious companies and law firms and have done legal work in English. Also, two of our three founding partners are graduates of a German high school and have full capacity to perform all types of legal services in German.   

We can incorporate, maintain and liquidate companies on behalf of our clients. We are also experienced in M&A transactions which include mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs and joint ventures.

As BSB LEGAL, our clients’ needs are vital to us. In order to respond more accurately and effectively to the changing needs of our clients, we closely monitor the developments in the sectors in which they operate, and deepen our knowledge by acquiring both legal and commercial information.The result-oriented practical work we offer to our clients enables us to support our clients‘ success. We focus on the needs of our clients and communicate effectively with them in order to fully understand these needs. Thus, we strive to provide services that create added value. Our partners‘ extensive knowledge in different areas of law and close attention to each stage of the services offered are among the characteristics that make us strong. We work in cooperation with local law offices and have strong connections all over Turkey.